As I have said before, I am not at NYCC, but I’ll be keeping up with all the news coming out of it. So here are the first round of links for Thursday October 9th.

Comic Book Movie has your first look at the Avengers: Age of Ultron toy line-up and boy are they sweet.

Marvel is live blogging all of their events. The link will take you straight to their live page.

Marvel’s NYCC exclusives have been announced.

Den Of Geek has a live stream of their experience, so it will be just like you’re there, but you don’t have to put on pants.

Capcom has some great things happening as well. Game previews and more.

Dark Horse has brought plenty of exclusives this year.

Angry Birds now comes in transformers.


Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 Sara Recap and Review


Arrow premiered last night and it was a doozey. They have set up one hell of a season with this opening episode. I will attempt to get it all in this little post. Spoilers ahead

With the conclusion of last season, and Oliver loosing Queen Consolidated, he’s obviously been focusing more on his crime fighting. We find that things are going fairly well for Team Arrow. Diggle is about to become a daddy, the relationship between Oliver and Felicity (Olicity) has been not exactly developing but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Diggle encourages it and we see Oliver ask Felicity to dinner, finally.

There is a new official team member in Roy Harper who finally gets his own suit! The police are honoring Arrow for the work he’s done for the city and are officially done hunting him. We see an old villain in a new incarnation show up, that’s right the big bad for this episode was Vertigo.

While fighting the new Vertigo, and getting dosed Oliver sees his worst fear, thanks to the new formula (Scarecrow easter egg anyone?) What does the Arrow fear most? Himself of course, Psychologists daydream of a patient. After the date with Felicity goes up in flames (literally a rocket launcher took out the restaurant) Oliver decides he can’t risk Felicity like that (boo Olicity is over before it began.)

Felicity, since Queen Consolidated is no longer a Queen company is now working in a computer store. Where she meets a man who knows his stuff, I think we’ve found another love interest for her here. Not knowing who he is Felicity continues to encourage Oliver to get his company back. At the big board meeting Oliver is ready to give his speech, only surprise he’s no longer the only bidder. In strides handsome mystery man from the computer store, Dr Ray Palmer (played by Brandon Routh) and Palmer wows the board and wins the bid, leaving Oliver still broke.

Vertigo shows up again causing serious trouble, and out of nowhere Black Canary shows up to save Arrow’s ass. She does so, drops some wisdom on Oliver who gets called away to meet Barry (Flash cameo) bringing us into a parallel timeline with the Flash.

Wrapping up the episode we see Laurel and Sara (Black Canary) chatting on a rooftop, attempting to explain Sara’s presence in Starling City. Laurel leaves, and Sara hears a modified voice who promptly fills her full of arrows throwing her to the street and landing directly in front of Laurel. That’s pretty much how it ends.

Now let’s try to catch the major easter eggs, appearances, and who will become who. Anyone who is a fan of DC comics knows that Dr Ray Palmer becomes the Atom, so we’ve got a new super hero in town. It looks like Laurel just got her motivation to take up the Black Canary mantel, and if you’ve been paying attention to the Arrow and Flash press you know there is more than one crossover episode this season.

Vertigo now has a serious fear element added, which leads one to believe that Scarecrow may show up later. Felicity obviously seemed a little receptive to Palmer before she knew who he was, and now that Oliver has put the kibosh on their dating plans, it seems like she may become Palmer’s new special friend.

I love the casting for this show. It’s been pretty stellar so far, and bringing Routh in is a great step, he’s reasonably well known, and he definitely has the swagger one would expect from a super rich super genius. He played Superman after all, so we know he can handle the look as well.

Over all I’d say this was an excellent opening episode, but it definitely sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the season. Arrow hasn’t disappointed yet. I look forward to this season.

SPOILERS for other shows just below.

Just a little side note, why do series keep killing people in opening episodes this year! The Flash managed to not rip our hearts out, but a good lot of the already established shows have done so. Shield spent a good month or more promoting Lucy Lawless, only to kill her. Bones killed off Sweets, and now Arrow kills Black Canary. We used to fear season finales for the deaths, and now we must fear the openers as well! AAAHHHH The feels, I can’t take them anymore.

Sound off in the comments and let me know if I missed anything. I’m sure I did.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Review


Spoilers Ahead

We finally see what Simmons has been up to, Donnie Gill and what happened to him after the debacle at the academy, we get to meet more of Hydra’s upper management, and the state of the Shield Vs Hydra war that has been going on. It’s a very busy episode.

Let’s start with Simmons, she’s working for Hydra, yep you read that right. She hasn’t gone to the dark side or anything, it’s under Coulson’s orders. She’s their inside man. She didn’t abandon poor Fitz after-all.

Everyone seems frustrated with the Hydra mess. Coulson’s outburst of “I’m getting damn tired of losing our best and brightest to Hydra!” shows us things haven’t exactly been going well in that department. The race is on to get Donnie Gill, After the incident at the Academy with the weather machine and lightning strike, we find that Simmons saved his life and he had gained some powers of his own so Shield sent him to the Sandbox. While at the Sandbox it appears he was brainwashed by Hydra and trained in his powers, whereupon he’s the one who took the Sandbox for Hydra, he then escaped and has been dodging Hydra agents ever since.

We find that brainwashing has become a thing of habit for Hydra, if they can’t recruit you with the usual methods they’ll just force you. Bringing a whole new thread level to this evil organization.

Ward is seen again, chatting with Skye, you get the feeling these little chats have become a more frequent thing, as Ward seems more stable than he did, and Skye gives off an air of boredom throughout the whole thing.

Fitz is still a mess, but he’s beginning to get angry about it, giving him more confidence. He knows the team have been hiding things from him, and it’s time for some answers. The first thing he wants to know is who “The Asset” they’ve been keeping from him is. He marches down to the cells, and find Ward, who he decides to talk to, and torture a bit. Ward explains that he did his best to give them a fighting chance. He was ordered to shoot them, instead he just threw them out of the plane in a giant box. Fitz can’t explain what it is as he’s still having trouble expressing his thoughts because of the hypoxia, so he sucks all the oxygen out of Ward’s cell so he can know what it feels like. Luckily Fitz isn’t a killer and stops, he also got some vital information for the away team after Gill.

We see Simmons in danger, but proving herself to Hydra’s satisfaction and thus being moved up in the ranks.

This episode was jam packed too. I’m glad to see that Simmons is well, and Fitz is indeed improving. The new dynamic of the team is going in a good direction. There will be so much to see going forward. Loads of suspense, and just enough humor pepper this episode to give us what we love about Marvel’s way of doing things. I cannot wait for the new episodes of this show every week,

The Flash Pilot Recap and Review


The Flash Pilot episode

Spoilers ahead.

Last night we got our first episode of the Flash, and it was good. We see Barry Allen shortly after returning from Starling City and his romp with the Arrow. We see what happened in the few days between his returning and the lightning strike we saw during the Arrow episode. We learn more about his past and what makes him tick. Why such a brilliant mind decided to go into forensics rather than physics which he so obviously loves, and why he searches out superheroes.

DC a while back said they were taking their television and film work in a more serious direction. They came up with a no funnies policy to separate themselves from Marvel and their always lively mix of humor and action. This show is the exception to that rule, or so it appears. We see plenty of humor in the first episode with Barry stating “Lightning gave me abs?” nearly as soon as he wakes to some of the throwback moments to the 90’s tv show and the comics, which are fun and a little cheesy at times.

We see Barry turn to Oliver Queen for advice shortly after discovering he has powers. Oliver gives him great advice telling hims “I don’t think that lightning struck you, it chose you.” and telling him he didn’t have to be the dark hero The Arrow is but that “You can inspire people.” Setting the stage for what is to come and what sort of hero we will see The Flash striving to be, Oliver also gives him his name.

We see someone we thought was dead who has come back with super powers to control the weather and that leads up to the declaration that there are many more people with powers out there from the storm generated by the Particle Accelerator that gave Barry his.

We also see that Barry is really bad at keeping his secret, as he outs himself several times throughout the episode. Harrison Wells is introduced to us as a sort of mentor to Barry and by the end of the episode we see that not all is as it seems there. We also get a look at a busted cell inside Star Labs labeled Grodd, which means we will likely see him later on. We see Barry commit some of his first acts of heroism, stopping Marden, the man who controls the weather, and saving people even unintentionally the first time. We get a look at his new suit courtesy of Star Labs, and see Barry assemble his own team. It was a great origin episode, and they crammed a lot into it. We also got plenty of laughs and easter eggs. I’m looking forward to keeping up with this one. I have a new Tuesday night show.

What did you think? Let me know below, in the comments.

Chris Claremont on New X-Men Characters

Bleeding Cool News recently spoke with Chris Claremont about X-men. He opened up about why there won’t be any new characters anytime soon.

Ever since Disney took ownership of Marvel there seems to have been a war between the film companies. With Fox owning X-Men and Fantastic Four and Sony owning Spider-Man. Marvel has made it known they want their properties back. Fox has been almost belligerent in their refusal to work with Marvel Studios, while Sony has recently shown some willingness to work with them.

It has been rumored for some time that the reason there have been no new X-men characters is because of this situation exactly, and in the interview Claremont is the first to confirm this situation outright saying:

“I have to say quite honestly as I understand it now the X department is forbidden to create new characters.


“Well… who owns them?

“All because all new characters become the film property of Fox.

“There will be no X-Men merchandising for the foreseeable future because, why promote Fox material?”

With the news that Marvel is canceling Fantastic Four in April 2015 it seems Marvel has decided to sabotage them in every way possible, and who can blame them? With the wildly successful MCU breaking box office records with almost every new film. They’ve pulled any merchandising right’s they still hold, and decided to cancel a long running (though not terribly popular) series. Marvel is playing hardball here, and limiting anything they can to hurt the franchises owned by Fox to get them back. It’s thought that the recent hard-ass approach might have something to do with the announced five year plan, and the rumors that it may culminate in a Marvel Civil War movie. The fans would love to see that, but not having their mutant universe or Spider-Man, makes that nearly impossible.

New Comic Releases October 8 2014

Another new feature I’m going to start is doing a comics preview on Tuesdays. Wednesday (as every good nerd knows) is new comic book day. I shall endeavor to give you a list of what you should look for in your shops every week. This will not be a comprehensive list. I’ll try to include first issues, anything landmark, and anything recommended, but I can’t do all of them. I will mostly cover Marvel, IDW, DC, and Image comics.



Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #13


Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #1


Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1


Rocket Raccoon #4


X-Force #10


Captain Marvel #8


Avengers #36


Amazing Spider-Man #7



Batgirl #35


Earth 2: World’s End #1


Batman #35



Danger Girl: May Day #4


Dead Squad #1


Star Trek: New Visions: Cry Vengance


V-Wars #6


Ragrarok #2


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #24



Birthright #1


Black Science #9


Dark Engine #3


Death Vigil #4


Punks: The Comic #1


Spawn #247


The Walking Dead: All Out War AP Edition HC


Wytches #1

And there you have it, Look for these books out tomorrow.