Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Sarah

Arrow recap and review episode “Sara.” MAJOR Spoilers ahead

At the end of the season opener we see Sara shot full of arrows and fall off a rooftop, dead. She’s still dead. Laurel knows she can’t report it, nor can she tell her father yet. So she takes Sarah to the only place she can, the Arrow cave. This is how Oliver and the team find out she’s dead, by seeing her body shot full of arrows laying on a table. Way to ease into that one eh?

This episode is slow moving, and mostly a lot of sadness. We do get a motorcycle jousting match though. That opener definitely set the tone for the episode. Throughout we see Oliver coming to terms with his own mortality and the likelihood that he will also die a similar death. Everyone here is grieving in very different ways. That’s what this episode is about.

The team is all a mess. Laurel is all sorts of pissed off. Oliver is questioning his life choices. Felicity is devastated. Roy is upset but mostly just sort of there, and Diggle is trying to make sure Oliver doesn’t go batshit. After some research the team finds that there is another archer in town, this one is an assassin, who calls himself “Komodo.”

Laurel loses her shit and gets all angry and tortures a victim for information. She screams at Oliver, and basically begins what is likely to be her transition into Black Canary. She finds a survivor of the other archer and uses her DA cred to get answers, when that doesn’t work she basically tortures him in his hospital bed until he says something about an oil pipeline being the connection between all the victims. Then the archer manages to shoot him in the chest before he can reveal anymore, in his hospital bed through a window, and Laurel basically says “eh I got what a need” and goes off to be angry some more.

Oliver basically decides he can’t grieve with a great line to Felicity after she accuses him of being heartless and cold. He tells her “If I grieve, then no one else would get to.” It’s his hero complex again, but he’s likely right. Oliver throws himself headfirst into finding this other archer, giving us the aforementioned motorcycle jousting match which saves the next target’s life for now. Komodo gets away after the showdown giving us another opportunity for chase and action. He later turns up at a fundraiser Ray Palmer is throwing, after someone else, and Arrow and team are ready. Culminating in jumps out and through windows until he’s finally cornered where Laurel shows up all ready to deal out death and revenge for her sister, which Oliver stops after realizing he wasn’t the one who killed Sara. We also get some flashbacks to Hong Kong again. Still don’t know what’s going on there.

Felicity is a mess. She’s also angry. After finding that the computer store she’s been working out has been bought by Ray Palmer, so that she has to work for him no matter what, she charges off to give him a piece of her mind. In the end, he says she can work for him at the store, or at Queen Consolidated, and tells her she’s not angry at him (which is mostly true). By the end of the episode she appears to have quit Team Arrow and decided that she’ll go work for Palmer after all. There also seems to be a burgeoning romance happening, but anyone who has read the comics will know that Ray Palmer isn’t exactly what he seems either.

Roy we don’t see much of, but we do find that he knows something about Thea. He has a note he’s never shows Oliver. No one has been able to reach Thea for months. The idea has been to give her her space. Eventually we find that Thea didn’t actually kill Merlyn, but instead decided to join him and train in the league of assassins. Awesome, Thea is going to be back kicking ass soon.

Diggle is basically just being strong and trying to keep Oliver from going insane, he grieves in his own way by naming his newborn daughter for Sara.

This episode is going to have some seriously far reaching consequences. In the end we still don’t know who the hell killed Sara and Laurel is on the war path and keeping her sister’s death from her father. Oliver isn’t going to be the same again, he’s really a lot more messed up than he lets on. Felicity, I have no idea if she’ll be back or not. Ray Palmer has his own secrets that I’m sure will turn up soon enough, and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with either Roy or Diggle, they’ve both remained firmly in the background so far.

This season is off to a slow start, but the team behind Arrow hasn’t let us down yet. I’m reasonably certain we will be rewarded for out faith soon enough. It was sad, there were lots of feels and tears this episode, so it wasn’t bad, it was just an exhausting ride. I really do believe Laurel is about to become Black Canary, she’s decidedly more stable and tolerable now. Until this point she’s been weak and whiny, that is not what we get from her now. There has been a fundamental shift in her character. I look forward to seeing where this train wrecked team arrow will lead.


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