The Flash Episode 2 Fastest Man Alive

Recap and review Spoilers ahead

So we see Barry running into burning buildings, fighting self replicating men, and getting his ass handed to him in this episode. We’re in the early stages of superhero-dom with Barry here, and he’s going to falter, have doubts, and get beat up a lot in the early days. This episode has all of that happening. Barry has convinced Cisco to help him in his quest to be a superhero, but everyone else is against it. He’s lectured multiple times by Detective West, and Caitlin Snow. He is bombarded on all sides to stop the hero business.

In this episode the main plot line follows a less than ethical, but publicly hailed business man and scientist Simon Stagg, as he survives multiple assassination attempts by unknown assailants. We find pretty quickly that it’s one man who is able to split himself into multiple clones. Danton Black, a former scientist in Stagg’s company whose wife died because Stagg stole his research on cloned organs. Black was obviously affected by the explosion at Star Labs, developing the ability to clone himself an infinite number of times. Meaning it’s never one on one when you fight this guy. Detective West is on the case as well, and continually tells Barry he’s not a cop and he’s going to get himself killed.

We see Barry face this guy three times, and every time he gets his butt kicked. The second time, after a pretty good whooping, Barry gets a pep talk, from everyone, including West. Barry had quit. Decided that he can’t be a hero. Everyone rallies and realizes that Barry is their only hope of beating Black. So Barry suits up again to fight this guy. The fight once again sees Barry getting a pretty epic beating, which he recovers from, gets another pep-talk from his crew and eventually wins over by finding the “prime” clone (the one that the clones originate from). He ends up winning, of course because we can’t have the superhero losing.

This was a solid episode, though I felt it was a bit slow. It was there to build up and get the character points that are necessary. It was still good, and we get plenty of classic Flash easter eggs. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. I think it will get even better.


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