Agents of SHIELD S2 E4 Face My Enemy

Agent’s of SHIELD recap and review Spoilers ahead.

This season just continues to get better with every episode. They are doing an amazing job of regrouping after last seasons total collapse of SHIELD.

This episode finds May and Coulson undercover looking for a mysterious piece of artwork that may hold answers to Coulson’s doodling. They must attend a party where a fundraiser for the church in which the painting was housed was destroyed. This man has the painting, and SHIELD aren’t the only ones after it. They find none other than General Talbott attending the party as well. After an almost friendly exchange between Coulson and Talbot things kick off, but not before we get to see May and Coulson work the dance floor as an excuse to case the joint. It’s kind of magical. We see May laughing and flirting, and the team, being back on the bus monitoring the situation. The team’s reaction to May’s behavior is hilarious.

This episode has some great action and loads of laughs. After May and Coulson break into the vault where the painting is being held in order to steal it, they find that Talbot beat them to the punch. Afterwards they get a very friendly and pretty out of character from Talbot, that he will allow them to examine the painting, so long as they do it supervised. Coulson and May agree. May goes to meet Talbot while Coulson briefs the team.

This is where things get hairy, and a little hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. Bare with me. You remember the mask tech that Black Widow donned in Cap 2. Well we see that again here. Turns out Talbot’s strange and friendly-ish behavior isn’t because of his few too many drinks as previously insinuated. He’s not Talbot his the insane Simmons threatening Hydra agent in one of those masks. Once May gets to the hotel room and finds this, she fights the Hydra answer to her, who wins, sort of. This Hydra female badass takes May’s clothes, and dons her own high tech mask and parades as May picking up Coulson, just as they reach the hotel Coulson realizes what she is and punches her in the face, catching her off guard.

We find that Creepy Hydra man has tied May up, and intends to torture some answers out of her. May, left in her undies is understandable pissed. This man is dead, and you know it, just by the look on her face. Enter insane fight sequence. We see May escape, kick the living shit out of creepy Hydra man, and proceed to fight herself, that’s right Hydra badass is still disguised as May. The fight sequence is amazing. Cudos to the fight choreographers. May eventually triumphs, so Coulson and May retrieve the painting, and then inform Talbot of his doppleganger. They also lie through their teeth about the painting.

We find throughout the episode that Coulson’s episodes have been getting worse and he is terrified. He keeps trying to rope May into a conversation about a contingency plan for when he finally does loose his shit. The episode wraps with this heart wrenching conversation finally happening. Coulson tells May she is to shoot him, in the head, and take over as head of SHIELD. May refuses saying she has a plan to tuck him away in a cabin in the outback, to which Coulson tells her that that is not an option, he doesn’t want to end up like Garrett, she is to take him out.

It’s something of a tear jerker, no one wants to see Coulson actually die for good, and it’s obvious that May cares deeply for him, and doesn’t think she will be able to do what he asks. I

This episode was fantastic. We got to see Coulson being a badass in the field again, something I miss greatly. May, as always is vengence personified and rocks it. The rest of the team got into some hairy situations thanks to Hydra-May, and Fitz saved the day with the help of Hunter. Hunter decides that Fitz is okay, and we begin to see Fitz brighten a bit at having some actual friends again. I look forward to seeing more of both Hunter and this new Fitz.

Next weeks episode looks to be an edge of your seat ride when we check in with Simmons back at Hydra HQ again.


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