Marvel’s Incredible Post NYCC Announcement

Yesterday it was announced that Robert Downey Jr is signing on for Captain America 3. Why would he do that you might ask? Well if you’re not familiar with the Civil War storyline, stop reading this now and go buy the trade paper backs and catch the hell up, people.

Anyway, In the Civil War story line the two major players heading up opposing sides of the Marvel Universe are Tony Stark/ Iron Man, and Steve Rogers/ Captain America. The recent talks that Marvel has been negotiating for film rights to Spider-Man (another MAJOR player in CW) further the likelihood of this eventuality. There have also been plenty of hints dropped. Coupled with the other announcement my Marvel yesterday that Civil War will be coming again next year, and it looks like it will be taking place in the Ultimate Universe this time. The chances are pretty good we’re going to see Civil War come to the MCU. Brilliant move announcing the day after NYCC. No one expected any major news for a bit, as that sort of thing usually comes at Cons, or at least not directly after. That’s usually a huge press event. Nope, not Marvel, the sneaky bastards announced it through Twitter, fairly quietly, but that didn’t last long. Naturally the internet and Marvel fans the world over exploded in fanboy/girl fits of glee.

Enjoy some Tony v Steve Snarkiness below.


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