Gotham Episode 4 “Arkham”

      We got our first glimpse of Arkham Asylum tonight, and the show has been building up to the “war” Cobblepot has been predicting since episode 1.
    The war began tonight, with a few shots fired. Maroni and Falcone are playing for keeps. They begin by taking out each other’s pocket politicians over who gets Arkham, the case of course lands on the desks of Gordon and Bullock. The war for Arkham begun, and the Mayor’s attempts to pacify both sides comes too little too late.
    We have seen a lot of build up, and little action on the major plotlines. Penguin is playing all sides. He is definitely more stable now, he’s moving up in the underworld, and his new found cruelty and ruthlessness are serving him well.
    At the end of the episode we are left with the feeling that the robbery of Maroni’s restaurant and death of the manager were all orchestrated by Penguin, who will leave no loose ends.
    Fish Mooney is moving her players into place and auditioning singers who are also asked to seduce her. We’re given the idea that she has big plans (something to do with taking over Falcone’s empire)  for this girl. The girl is Liza (played by Mackenzie Leigh a relative newcomer) Who has a killer voice, a mysterious and sexy way, and a badass streak.
     We see little enough of Bullock other than his visit to Fish, and being Gordon’s own private joke. We actually see Gordon trying to lighten up a bit taking jabs at Bullock, even cracking a joke!
     Barbara finally comes clean about her relationship with Montoya to Gordon. She gives Gordon an ultimatum, things are definitely coming to a head in that relationship as well.
    We get a few glimpses of Bruce Wayne, who is definitely beginning to hone his detective skills. We see him losing trust in Gordon and his plan, and his grief at his parents’ project for Arkham’s failure.
    Big things are coming.

This episode was fantastic, the last few have been good, but I sincerely couldn’t wait to see what happened next. I feel like it’s truly going places now.


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