Web Comics List

Web comics are a popular and growing medium. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite series to follow.

Two Lumps

Follows Ebenezer and Snooch two housecats who have some hilarious adventures. Ebenezer is intelligent and jaded, while Snooch is not so bright, but sees fun and beauty in everything. Ebenezer’s favorite past times include napping, eating gooshy food, and messing with Snooch. Snooch enjoys napping, gooshy food, and pretty much everything ever.


Hark, A Vagrant!

Writes about history, literature, and even super heroes sometimes. Always entertaining.


From the official site:

“Lord Ballister Blackheart has a point to make, and his point is that the good guys aren’t as good as they seem. He makes a comfortable living as a supervillain, but never really seems to accomplish much – until he takes on a new sidekick, Nimona, a shapeshifter with her own ideas of how things should be done. Unfortunately, most of those ideas involve blowing things up. Now Ballister must teach his young protégé some restraint and try to keep her from destroying everything, while simultaneously attempting to expose the dark dealings of those who claim to be the protectors of the kingdom – including his former best friend turned nemesis, Ambrosius Goldenloin.”

Dinosaur Comics

From the official site:

“Dinosaur Comics is a comic about talking dinosaurs!”

Straightforward and to the point. This comic is always hilarious.

Sticks Angelica and Ant Comic

Surreal and strange these comics by Michael DeForge (from adventuretime) will take you to a whole new world.

Super Mutant Magic Acedemy

If Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Children were a little more normal, and a little more ridiculous simultaneously, this is probably what it would be like.

Black is the Color

Two sailors get thrown off their ship, sassy mermaids arrive and mess with them throughout their drifting voyage.


The name says it all really.

Hyperbole and a Half

Same author as Depression. The entire series is just brilliant.

These are just a few of my favorites. Give them a look, and then go forth and find more web comics to enjoy.


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