Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 Sara Recap and Review


Arrow premiered last night and it was a doozey. They have set up one hell of a season with this opening episode. I will attempt to get it all in this little post. Spoilers ahead

With the conclusion of last season, and Oliver loosing Queen Consolidated, he’s obviously been focusing more on his crime fighting. We find that things are going fairly well for Team Arrow. Diggle is about to become a daddy, the relationship between Oliver and Felicity (Olicity) has been not exactly developing but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Diggle encourages it and we see Oliver ask Felicity to dinner, finally.

There is a new official team member in Roy Harper who finally gets his own suit! The police are honoring Arrow for the work he’s done for the city and are officially done hunting him. We see an old villain in a new incarnation show up, that’s right the big bad for this episode was Vertigo.

While fighting the new Vertigo, and getting dosed Oliver sees his worst fear, thanks to the new formula (Scarecrow easter egg anyone?) What does the Arrow fear most? Himself of course, Psychologists daydream of a patient. After the date with Felicity goes up in flames (literally a rocket launcher took out the restaurant) Oliver decides he can’t risk Felicity like that (boo Olicity is over before it began.)

Felicity, since Queen Consolidated is no longer a Queen company is now working in a computer store. Where she meets a man who knows his stuff, I think we’ve found another love interest for her here. Not knowing who he is Felicity continues to encourage Oliver to get his company back. At the big board meeting Oliver is ready to give his speech, only surprise he’s no longer the only bidder. In strides handsome mystery man from the computer store, Dr Ray Palmer (played by Brandon Routh) and Palmer wows the board and wins the bid, leaving Oliver still broke.

Vertigo shows up again causing serious trouble, and out of nowhere Black Canary shows up to save Arrow’s ass. She does so, drops some wisdom on Oliver who gets called away to meet Barry (Flash cameo) bringing us into a parallel timeline with the Flash.

Wrapping up the episode we see Laurel and Sara (Black Canary) chatting on a rooftop, attempting to explain Sara’s presence in Starling City. Laurel leaves, and Sara hears a modified voice who promptly fills her full of arrows throwing her to the street and landing directly in front of Laurel. That’s pretty much how it ends.

Now let’s try to catch the major easter eggs, appearances, and who will become who. Anyone who is a fan of DC comics knows that Dr Ray Palmer becomes the Atom, so we’ve got a new super hero in town. It looks like Laurel just got her motivation to take up the Black Canary mantel, and if you’ve been paying attention to the Arrow and Flash press you know there is more than one crossover episode this season.

Vertigo now has a serious fear element added, which leads one to believe that Scarecrow may show up later. Felicity obviously seemed a little receptive to Palmer before she knew who he was, and now that Oliver has put the kibosh on their dating plans, it seems like she may become Palmer’s new special friend.

I love the casting for this show. It’s been pretty stellar so far, and bringing Routh in is a great step, he’s reasonably well known, and he definitely has the swagger one would expect from a super rich super genius. He played Superman after all, so we know he can handle the look as well.

Over all I’d say this was an excellent opening episode, but it definitely sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the season. Arrow hasn’t disappointed yet. I look forward to this season.

SPOILERS for other shows just below.

Just a little side note, why do series keep killing people in opening episodes this year! The Flash managed to not rip our hearts out, but a good lot of the already established shows have done so. Shield spent a good month or more promoting Lucy Lawless, only to kill her. Bones killed off Sweets, and now Arrow kills Black Canary. We used to fear season finales for the deaths, and now we must fear the openers as well! AAAHHHH The feels, I can’t take them anymore.

Sound off in the comments and let me know if I missed anything. I’m sure I did.


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