The Flash Pilot Recap and Review


The Flash Pilot episode

Spoilers ahead.

Last night we got our first episode of the Flash, and it was good. We see Barry Allen shortly after returning from Starling City and his romp with the Arrow. We see what happened in the few days between his returning and the lightning strike we saw during the Arrow episode. We learn more about his past and what makes him tick. Why such a brilliant mind decided to go into forensics rather than physics which he so obviously loves, and why he searches out superheroes.

DC a while back said they were taking their television and film work in a more serious direction. They came up with a no funnies policy to separate themselves from Marvel and their always lively mix of humor and action. This show is the exception to that rule, or so it appears. We see plenty of humor in the first episode with Barry stating “Lightning gave me abs?” nearly as soon as he wakes to some of the throwback moments to the 90’s tv show and the comics, which are fun and a little cheesy at times.

We see Barry turn to Oliver Queen for advice shortly after discovering he has powers. Oliver gives him great advice telling hims “I don’t think that lightning struck you, it chose you.” and telling him he didn’t have to be the dark hero The Arrow is but that “You can inspire people.” Setting the stage for what is to come and what sort of hero we will see The Flash striving to be, Oliver also gives him his name.

We see someone we thought was dead who has come back with super powers to control the weather and that leads up to the declaration that there are many more people with powers out there from the storm generated by the Particle Accelerator that gave Barry his.

We also see that Barry is really bad at keeping his secret, as he outs himself several times throughout the episode. Harrison Wells is introduced to us as a sort of mentor to Barry and by the end of the episode we see that not all is as it seems there. We also get a look at a busted cell inside Star Labs labeled Grodd, which means we will likely see him later on. We see Barry commit some of his first acts of heroism, stopping Marden, the man who controls the weather, and saving people even unintentionally the first time. We get a look at his new suit courtesy of Star Labs, and see Barry assemble his own team. It was a great origin episode, and they crammed a lot into it. We also got plenty of laughs and easter eggs. I’m looking forward to keeping up with this one. I have a new Tuesday night show.

What did you think? Let me know below, in the comments.


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