Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Review


Spoilers Ahead

We finally see what Simmons has been up to, Donnie Gill and what happened to him after the debacle at the academy, we get to meet more of Hydra’s upper management, and the state of the Shield Vs Hydra war that has been going on. It’s a very busy episode.

Let’s start with Simmons, she’s working for Hydra, yep you read that right. She hasn’t gone to the dark side or anything, it’s under Coulson’s orders. She’s their inside man. She didn’t abandon poor Fitz after-all.

Everyone seems frustrated with the Hydra mess. Coulson’s outburst of “I’m getting damn tired of losing our best and brightest to Hydra!” shows us things haven’t exactly been going well in that department. The race is on to get Donnie Gill, After the incident at the Academy with the weather machine and lightning strike, we find that Simmons saved his life and he had gained some powers of his own so Shield sent him to the Sandbox. While at the Sandbox it appears he was brainwashed by Hydra and trained in his powers, whereupon he’s the one who took the Sandbox for Hydra, he then escaped and has been dodging Hydra agents ever since.

We find that brainwashing has become a thing of habit for Hydra, if they can’t recruit you with the usual methods they’ll just force you. Bringing a whole new thread level to this evil organization.

Ward is seen again, chatting with Skye, you get the feeling these little chats have become a more frequent thing, as Ward seems more stable than he did, and Skye gives off an air of boredom throughout the whole thing.

Fitz is still a mess, but he’s beginning to get angry about it, giving him more confidence. He knows the team have been hiding things from him, and it’s time for some answers. The first thing he wants to know is who “The Asset” they’ve been keeping from him is. He marches down to the cells, and find Ward, who he decides to talk to, and torture a bit. Ward explains that he did his best to give them a fighting chance. He was ordered to shoot them, instead he just threw them out of the plane in a giant box. Fitz can’t explain what it is as he’s still having trouble expressing his thoughts because of the hypoxia, so he sucks all the oxygen out of Ward’s cell so he can know what it feels like. Luckily Fitz isn’t a killer and stops, he also got some vital information for the away team after Gill.

We see Simmons in danger, but proving herself to Hydra’s satisfaction and thus being moved up in the ranks.

This episode was jam packed too. I’m glad to see that Simmons is well, and Fitz is indeed improving. The new dynamic of the team is going in a good direction. There will be so much to see going forward. Loads of suspense, and just enough humor pepper this episode to give us what we love about Marvel’s way of doing things. I cannot wait for the new episodes of this show every week,


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