While We Were Gone – Weekend Links

Over the weekend a great many things happened, some of our favorite properties had news. Here is the weekend round-up of all the stuff we didn’t post.



Scientists thing they found the origins of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

NASA is live broadcasting space walks and other events from the International space station on NASAtv

NASA wants you to be a citizen scientist during Earth Week (Oct 12 – 18)

Nasa is looking into radiobiology research to improve the health of astronauts

Thousands of new mountains discovered on earth’s ocean floor

Thanks to Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the most comprehensive map of the ocean floor yet

Rather than watching the Lunar eclipse outside, you can watch it from your computer

Neuroscientist gives his brain to future wife



IDW is having a huge crossover series sale right now. That Dr Who / Star Trek crossover you missed, it’s on sale.

Marguerite Bennett talks death of Wolverine

Marguerite Bennett is on the Women of Marvel Podcast

Marvel Comic 75 Years of Awesome Covers is now available

Comic summary of the entirety of Harry Potter

Upcoming Marvel Collections

TV / Movie NEWS


Marvel revealed the Daredevil for the new series and had a cast signing at NYCC

Marvel’s Daredevil cast

New Behind the scenes of Avengers Age of Ultron Photo

The Deadpool movie will be part of the X-Men universe

Simon Kinberg talks X-men: Apocalypse

DCs guide to the new Flash series season 1

Gotham has cast Harvey Dent

Arrow season 3 sneak peek

Star Wars Rebels premiered Friday night /film tells you all about it



Alienware wants to change PC gaming IGN can tell you all about it, as they’ve been testing it

Video game cat scratchers

Bloodborne Alpha test delayed



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