New Female Thor to Make First Video Game Appearance


Marvel announced today, that with the release of the new female Thor this week, she will also soon be joining the popular smartphone game Marvel Puzzle Quest! I really do hope they put her in many more games, and hopefully even films to come. It’s a serious possibility as many of our current MCU resident actors’ contracts are expiring, or will soon. I would love to see the Lady Thor take on a lead in a movie (Fan Casting Alert! Sound off in the comments!). A female led Marvel movie would destroy the box office. It’s been proven time and again that women are definitely a bankable market, and equally as nerdy as our male counterparts.

This may be a small start to bringing her to the larger Marvel universe, but hey, it’s early on and it shows a great deal of confidence in their very newly launched character, which they have put a lot of effort into hyping. I have yet to read the new comic (I fail, sorry) but I have read good things, like this review over at The Mary Sue.

The official Marvel page for Puzzle Quest has this to say:

“D3Publisher (D3PA) and Marvel Entertainment announces that October 3 “Marvel Puzzle Quest” will celebrate its one-year anniversary since its worldwide launch on the App Store and Google Play. In commemoration, “Marvel Puzzle Quest” will be the first Marvel video game to feature the brand new character, Thor: Goddess of Thunder. Thor: Goddess of Thunder will be a legendary (4 star) character reward for Season VII and all players will be able to test her powers in a battle starting on October 17. “

This is a good sign, and hopefully means she’ll be around for a while.


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